Monday, 6 September 2010

Student immigration - New Changes before End of Year?

It seems new regulations on student visas is nearing, yet there haven't been been any major changes after Aug 12, 2010 ( To See the Recent Changes Click Here New Tier 4 English Requirements from Today), early in the year work restrictions imposed on below degree level programmes. Immigration minister Damian Green, Today reveled that his main target will be student visa cut. I predict that new regulations will be in favour of highly trusted institutions. Private educational institutions below highly trusted level will have to face difficulties in recruitmnt of non EU students if the anticipated changes introduced - Rushdy Razak

Todays Main Story
The Immigration Minister, Damian Green, is calling for "smarter" controls on entry to the UK, arguing that the number of foreign students being allowed into the country is "unsustainable"

Click here to read BBC News website readers sharing their experiences(former Students, Employees...)


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