Tuesday 7 December 2010

New Policy Update - Student Visa Process

New Policy Update in Summery 
  1. Raising the level of courses students can study, with only Highly Trusted Sponsors able to offer courses to adult students below degree level.
  2. introducing a tougher English language requirement;(competence at intermediary level B2)
  3. ensuring students wishing to extend their studies show evidence of academic progression;
  4. limiting students' entitlements to work and their ability to bring in dependants; and
  5. improving the accreditation process for education providers, alongside more rigorous inspections.
Further today's new policy drive is to ensure students return overseas after their course finishes will mean students will have to leave the UK and apply for a new visa to further their studies, and show evidence of progression to a higher course. It will also see the closure of the post-study route under Tier 1.

The consultation will run for 8 weeks until 31st January. This is shorter than a standard 12 week consultation so that the policy can be announced in advance of the next academic year.

Rushdy Razak,
Extract from UKBA, 7th Dec, 2010, 3.30PM(GMT)


Rushdy Razak said...

The Simple Message is nothing but "Come Here to Study and Go Home"

Education For All said...

The UK Border Agency has stopped accepting Tier 1 (General) applications made overseas, from 23 December 2010.
Tier 1 (General) will not reopen for new applications overseas. If you have already obtained a Tier 1 (General) visa, your dependants can still apply
Tier 1 (General) will remain open to applicants who are already in the UK until 5 April 2011. There will be transitional arrangements for some in-country applicants beyond 6 April 2011, and we will announce details of these in due course.

UKBA, 22nd Dec, 2010
Note:I have not posted this update as a new one/new post... in order to keep the latest significant changes very prominently displayed in the home page/first page

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