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Thursday 10 October 2013

Just 119 Graduate Entrepreneur visas granted in 12 months

A visa scheme set up to mitigate the loss of the post-study work route for international students granted just 119 work permits in its first year.

The graduate entrepreneur visa for international students with “world-class and innovative” business ideas was launched in April 2012. It was brought in as the popular Tier 1 post-study work visa, which allowed non-European Union students to work for two years after graduation, was axed – a change that has been credited with causing a huge drop in demand for UK courses from students in some countries, especially India.

Friday 17 December 2010

New versions of application forms and guidance

UKBA on 14th December 2010 published new versions of application forms and policy guidance under the following categories of the points-based system:
  • Tier 1 (General)
  • Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)
  • Tier 1 (Investor)
  • Tier 1 (Post-study work)
  • Tier 2 - all categories (application form only - no change to policy guidance)
  • Tier 5 (Temporary worker) - all sub-categories
  • PBS Dependant
To access above documents click here

Now It is mandatory to enroll for Biometric resident permits - for Tiers 1 and 5 of the points-based system, To read the details click here

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Annual limit for Tier 1 and Tier 2 visa applications

This is a new policy guidance, it is not still statutory, even my a alert from UKBA says it is a draft
It is a Good Read to read, Hopefully by next year April, it will be implemented without much change

The Home Secretary announced on 23 November 2010 a number of changes to immigration policy in respect of Tiers 1 and 2 of the points-based system, designed to deliver the government's commitment to place a limit on non-EU economic migration to the UK.
Click here to read further
24 November 2010

Saturday 16 October 2010

New requirement for Tier 1 and Tier 2 applicants submitting postgraduate certificates or diplomas

From 12 October 2010, the UK Border Agency has introduced a new requirement for applications to work in the UK under Tier 1 (General), Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) or any Tier 2 category of the points-based system.

If you are submitting a postgraduate certificate or diploma awarded by a UK listed body in order to score points for your qualifications or English language skills, you must include a letter of equivalency issued by UK NARIC with your application.
UKBA/15 October 2010

Friday 2 July 2010

Clarification of changes to Tier 1 points

According to UKBA's latest news release it says - If you are in the UK in one of the following categories and are applying to extend your stay in Tier 1 (General), you will need to score 95 points:
  • Tier 1 (General)
  • Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
  • Writers, Composers and Artists
  • Self-Employed Lawyers
If you are in the UK in any other category, for example Tier 1 (Post-study work), then you will need to score 100 points when you apply to switch into Tier 1 (General).
If you are applying from outside the UK, you will need to score 100 points.
Source: UKBA
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